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Periscope – Broadcasting Live

So I don’t know why I’m late to the party (in the technology world 30 days overdue feels like I missed a train passing by my house) maybe it’s because I chase a small human around regularly and rarely get out these days (lol). I recently stumbled upon a new app called PERISCOPE … yes, […]


Using Twitter CARDS to empower your brand

It’s funny to think that over 5 years ago Twitter had hit the stage and no matter who I talked to in business or education they had no interest in learning how to use it, because they just didn’t get it.  After years of being highlighted in our media and through out every bit of […]


What makes a successful social strategy?

Sharing content that is informative, entertaining and timely is a key element of a successful social strategy. It’s also the biggest pain point, businesses just don’t alway have time and expertise or budget for that matter; especially if you are a small business owner! It takes time and attention to produce great content, keep your […]


Content marketing fundamentals

Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content you have to share and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. The work involves reviewing content, sorting through it, arranging it so it makes sense, then lastly publishing information. You will want to use a variety of methods to […]


To blog or not to blog…

Believe it, keeping a blog is essential to developing your brand and sharing your expertise. I view “blogging” as a great opportunity for educational marketing and engagement. There are a few other benefits of blogging While blogging can help develop your credibility as an expert in your field, it also provides an opportunity for authentic […]


Building an online Community – What questions to ask

Last week I talked a lot about social strategy.  The bottom line is your working to develop a strategy that engages an online community and essentially helps to build you, your brand and/or message. So what does that mean ? Essentially, you want to grow a following of relevant, interested people. But here is the […]


10 reasons why my website needs to be updated

There is a great article by Hub Spot on 10 signs it’s Time for a Website Facelift.  If you answer yes to any of these statements below, feel free to take this survey.  It will let you reflect on the strengths of your current site and what type of attention it might need. Assess My Website by […]


Does my site need to be mobile responsive ?

Having a responsive website is the ability of your website to assess quickly the size of the screen that is accessing it and change so that it is optimal for the viewer and the content displayed. There are 4 reasons why you need a responsive website: User Experience – Customers who come to your site […]


Producing Video

Recently I read an article about a video for your company or blog and shooting on a limited budget. It made me think a little about the challenge of producing a video for business. Video can be powerful for sharing more about your industry, product or service. It provides a level of credibility to your […]


Using Social Media for your Business

I’ll be honest, social media management and support isn’t that difficult, but it is time-consuming.Think about it – Planning, strategizing, developing artwork, posting, and then engaging in customer dialogue, these are not lightweight tasks.If anyone tells you they are an “expert” that term would caution me, the industry is changing on a daily basis so […]