10 reasons why my website needs to be updated

There is a great article by Hub Spot on 10 signs it’s Time for a Website Facelift.  If you answer yes to any of these statements below, feel free to take this survey.  It will let you reflect on the strengths of your current site and what type of attention it might need. Assess My Website by The Digital Pixie

1) My website doesn’t work well on mobile
2) My website is designed in Flash
3) My ranking on search engines are low
4) Visitors to my site only stay briefly
5) My sites design and look seems a bit antiquated and outdated
6) It’s slow to load
7) My business has changed, and it isn’t reflected on my site
8) My business has outgrown the site
9) I can’t make content updates easily
10) I’m embarrassed to give out my URL, as it isn’t a good reflection of my brand.



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