What makes a successful social strategy?

Sharing content that is informative, entertaining and timely is a key element of a successful social strategy. It’s also the biggest pain point, businesses just don’t alway have time and expertise or budget for that matter; especially if you are a small business owner!

It takes time and attention to produce great content, keep your followers engaged, and grow your community.  Also what media is going to resonate with your community, is it written, visual, design, video?

Developing a content strategy can help with community building will expand the word of your business to ensure that you have brand recognition and lead generation. When shared by your followers, your brand becomes supported not only from your internal team, but those that are product / message believers.  It is an organic and evolving process.

The key is to develop a consistent, cohesive story about what your brand/service/message is.

Content strategy is the planning of the creation and distribution of content to support your larger business objectives. Consider, who is your  target audience? How will they know what your goals and objectives are? What data/metrics are going to inform you that your content strategy is successful or needs adjustment.

Once you know your audience you can gain a better understanding of their interests and establish goals that you want to achieve.  Consider for a moment what does your brand voice sound like and consider how the message should sound to your followers.

Be sure to review your plan on a regular basis, if something is successful, fantastic ! However don’t be afraid to make a change when needed.



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