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The Digital Pixie is a creative agency that is dedicated to developing engaging experiences that inspire users to interact and advocate for your brand. We design websites and social media profiles that are functional, useful, user-friendly and ensure that they meet today’s current web standards and digital trends. Onboarding and managing the project from start to finish we develop knowledge of the brand, the trends in the industry, a preferred style and look and work with digital teams to onboard a solution. As a last step, we then train our clients to support their digital ecosystem so that they feel confident utilizing the tools developed to support their business model.

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Understanding what you do and your vision is just the starting point. We consider who your clients are, why they are researching and what their experience is like
We work to train our clients and their staff so they feel comfortable making changes, the heavy lifting can be left to us.
Outlining the project, understanding the scope, ensuring we are meeting what your needs are is an exercise in collaboration and communication.
User Experience
We design websites and social media profiles that are functional, useful, user-friendly and ensure that they meet today’s current web standards and digital trends.
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The process was easy from beginning to end. Kaaren really sat with me and asked good questions developing a proposal that really met my needs. She delivered quickly and professionally on all the deliverables, I hope to work with her on future projects.

As a first step, its important to gain an understanding of your business and/or message and the scope of your project. We review your current audience, competitors, and resources. Our objective is to identify where you are and to design a solution that best meets your needs based on your goals and objectives.


Once we have a clear understanding of our objective we outline the necessary steps to deliver the results you need. A written proposal is submitted outlining all of the details regarding the deliverables. We design the project to be flexible in scope so we can stay within your budget and operational needs.


We use the outlined proposal as a guide during our creative process. Regularly checking in and collaborating with the client we respond to feedback. We are unusual that we have a more fluid process that remains flexible until we achieve the look and feel you are satisfied with.


One of the most significant experiences for any customer is how they interact with you online. Having a website that provides an engaging experience that educates and connects with potential customers can mean the difference between you or your competitor. The Digital Pixie creates sites that are responsive; we aim to craft sites that provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience. Ensuring sites are easy to read and navigate with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones) is key. It’s not just a website, it’s the digital representative of your brand.

Redesigning your website is a lot more than a new look and some updated images. It’s about reassessing the experience of your visitors and the natural changes that happen to a brand service over time merged with the changes of technology and best practices. You can’t count on the site you invested in that was created in 2005 to still be doing what it should be doing today. The Digital Pixie can help you rebuild and freshen the look as well as ensure you are meeting all the technical aspects to be competitive online.

Businesses often fail in their social media efforts because they think it’s a good idea, but have no structure, or real commitment. You are not going to build your online presence overnight. We can help you create a social media plan and calendar with short and long-term goals along with milestones you want to achieve.

Responsive website design, mobile application development, video creation, animation, and podcasting. We create beautiful content to deliver your company’s message and brand in unique ways.

From simple content updates to more complex website enhancements we are here to help maintain your website. Rarely do you stick a website online and forget about it, or, at least, you shouldn’t. Your site should evolve and continue to serve your changing client, member or customer base. It’s important to have a team that can ensure you are keeping up with software and security updates and updating your site as new Web browsers are released.We understand that your website was and is an investment in your organization and with our website maintenance services you can get the most out that investment and extend the life of your website.

A website is the face of your product or service and the first glimpse at your brand offering. Your message needs to be delivered clearly, and be developed for the right audience. We assess your business objectives and goals and consult with businesses on the best way to organize information, share content and tell your story.

Retaining The Digital Pixie for webmaster services is adding a member to your team. Able to work from anywhere, we get to know your website, how it works, what it makes it unique and remain on call for quick fixes, site enhancements, upgrades, security patching and web consulting. We are available by phone, email, support ticket system and have an initial response time of under 2 hours.

For those clients who have a monthly support plan, we’ll monitor your site for performance issues, up/down time and pending updates at no additional charge.

Social media is something almost all of us engage with, however marketing your business and managing your brand can feel a bit overwhelming. We work with you and your staff to simplify and help you feel confident in the tools to manage and develop your reputation. What makes the Digital Pixie unique is that we deliver our training in the context of your business model with an understanding of your social medial plan/outline. Social media is not one size fits all, each industry has tools that are appropriate for them, so The Digital Pixie tailors social media training especially for you.

If you aren’t sure where to start and need support to get your project and concept off the ground take advantage of the Digital Pixie. We are experienced in integrating technology that will move your initiatives forward. Website development, social media integration, digital strategy, SEO, digital advertising and even building a esports betting site are all consulting services offered through us.

Google Adwords, Twitter Ads, Linked In, Facebook Advertising, Bing, the list can go on and on. The Digital Pixie can develop an online advertising campaign that helps convert clicks into leads.

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Since 2000 The Digital Pixie has been evolving as technology has been evolving. Social Media, Web Development, Consulting, Multimedia Creation and E Learning have been a part of that growth.

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