Does my site need to be mobile responsive ?

Having a responsive website is the ability of your website to assess quickly the size of the screen that is accessing it and change so that it is optimal for the viewer and the content displayed.

There are 4 reasons why you need a responsive website:

User Experience – Customers who come to your site need to be able to reference it on any device they own, and the experience should be seamless. They might be at work, home, or attending a meeting, tradeshow, or family event. All these situations command different devices, but you have to ensure a great experience regardless of where someone is.

Mobile Device Usage is Exploding – We are now in an environment where we have what is called “Device Fragmentation,” well over 20,000 screen sizes on the Android system alone has made the design world seek flexible solutions regardless of how a visitor visits your site.

Responsive Design Impacts Your Search Engine Optimization – Be ahead of your competitors and be sure you have a responsive site, Google prefers sites that are mobile responsive, and they rank higher in the search engine. Ensuring your site is responsive automatically puts you ahead of your competitors.

Responsive means that your site can adapt to today’s technology and tomorrow’s. It’s hard to believe that 30% of Google searches are performed on a mobile device and in the United States, 25% of internet users only access the internet on a mobile device. Being proactive about tomorrow’s habits and devices will be key moving forward.

If your not sure if your site is responsive – Check out and type in your website. Hit enter on your keyboard, and see what happens when you view it in different sizes. You can drag the window sizing, or you can select from a list of common devices, tablets, and smartphones to see what your site looks like on them.



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