Using Social Media for your Business

I’ll be honest, social media management and support isn’t that difficult, but it is time-consuming.
Think about it – Planning, strategizing, developing artwork, posting, and then engaging in customer dialogue, these are not lightweight tasks.
If anyone tells you they are an “expert” that term would caution me, the industry is changing on a daily basis so knowing who is well informed and who knows how to leverage their resources is key !!

As a business owner, being responsible for building content and promoting your message on the various social media channels takes some planning and know how.  However, it can’t be underestimated.  It helps businesses reach out and develop relationships, locate referrals, create discussions and connect with customers that are interested in using your service and or product.

Social media isn’t just about advertising and one-way communication; it’s about having the dialogue with your customer, and giving them content that is informative, entertaining and engaging. 

Even recently I have seen my own marketing shift to a more educational message; this has allowed me to not only build valuable content but show a level of credibility and knowledge.

Social media allows businesses to create a sense of community allowing their brand to interact with the customers that are enthusiastic and believe in the value of your product or service. If you need help setting up your social media plan, training your staff, this is where The Digital Pixie can help. Learn more about our training, consulting and support services – A small investment to develop confidence in your social media presence and skill.



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